Idea and Vision behind WEA


Our Idea is pretty simple. Shatter the fears and bad reputation of CryptoCurrencies and Tokens.

We aim to make Crypto Mainstream. We offer a high quality and rug-free solution for long-term investors who do not want to understand complex crypto options like yield farming, staking or lending.

We do offer a simple „asset“ you just need to add to your portfolio and watch it grow. BEP20/BSC, the base of WEA, is the most versatile and flexible crypto-technic out there. Supported by all important exchanges and wallets.

Soon adaptet by all big stock markets.


Compare WEA  to a conservative-growth ETF with a long slow & steady growth.

We do not go parabolic. We do not Hype. We came to Stay for decades!


As you can see we do not offer our own revolutionary technical feature resolutions. We just  offer a token where the idea and technicals do fit.

The name and product shall speak for themselves.

Quality like you know from BTC and LTC.

So you get an asset, which is not only safe, but also offers great value over time. Basically it’s a borderless ETF.

Cash-out whenever and where-ever you want, without losses and fees!



Second Stage , after we gathered enough Liquidity (start IDO or ICO – Sale)  and are completely independed, we launch a Ranking-Page of holders.

At the same time we go public with our team and found an organisation.


Future Example: For the Holders-Ranking page sent us 1000 Wealth Token to a specified Wallet (to verify the source and authencity of yours) + a message with your name or nickname.

All Holders of WEA will be (if they want to) exposed to our Ranking Page.


This establishes a Ranking Sytem which exactly defines your position on mother earth among all human beings. We got 8 Billion Token without artificial deflation or burn.

Hold Wealth to show off your Rank in modern age history and in age of digitalization.

As its all based on a decentral chain (BSC from no-one can ever take away from you.

No matter of your personal, financial, legal, political, social or might positon.

You even can leave a message to beloved ones and leave a legacy. A border- and feeless heir with an imprinted message.


Imagine: being an investor or banker/trader, eternalized and bond with an asset which will be traded even after you left this world.

Be part of the first digital legacy. If you want, call it digital immortality!


Grow your wealth.



Third Stage, the demand and supply sets the price.

As Wealth transforms more and more into a status symbol besides being an ever-growing asset we will be partnered with Hublot – a swiss wrist-wach company offering you unique reminders of your possesed WEA.




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